NFTs are back in the game

NFTs are back in the game

24 March 2023

The HK7s Digital Collectibles are back in the game for the 2023 Cathay/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens. Don’t just be part of the action – own a bit of it, too.

Collect and trade unique HK7s digital assets for the chance to win valuable tickets, limited edition merchandise and special collectibles. That’s not all – you can also access new collections, experiences and challenges over the tournament weekend, free of charge. There’s space on the NFT bandwagon. Hop on!

Where can I get started?

Simply sign up and head to the store page to check out your free commemorative Wai Bei collectible. From there, browse HK7s NFTs, build your collection and get ready to unlock fun prizes. It’s as simple as: Collect to win.

How much does it cost?

We’re keeping it accessible and affordable for fans across the world! Our HK7s collectibles start from a humble HK$150. Level up your collection for free by fulfilling challenges during the tournament. Of course, the value of your NFTs could grow once fans start reselling on the secondary markets.

What’s on offer?

The collectibles range from Wai Bei Mascots to Golden Tickets (granting the holder an upgrade to the Executive Suite and a one-of-a-kind HK7s experience) and, of course, Hong Kong China player cards. Think of these as trading cards, where each team you hold earns you points based on their performance in the tournament.

How does it work?

Track your progress on our online leaderboard. One 2-card pack, for example, includes 2 country cards and a Super Sevens card, which offers you unique eligibility for participating in competitions. What’s more (drumroll, please …) each country card serves as 5 entries into our Golden Ticket drawing!

We’re also bringing the metaverse back into the stadium this year with on-site fun and games - keep your eyes open!

The 2023 HK7s promises more on and off the pitch action and fan interaction than ever before. Take a guilt-free slice of the weekend with you and own a little nugget of rugby history – your very own HK7s NFT.

Sign up now to start your digital collection today.