11 December 2023

So you’ve heard the legendary tales? Our reputation precedes us 😉. Or maybe you’re a seasoned 7s goer and have been (im)patiently waiting to return to your Hong Kong playground?

Whether you know the drill or you’re prepping for initiation, we’re waiting to welcome you with open arms and a cheeky pint.

Before you pack your bags, we’ve rounded up our most-asked questions to make sure you’re ready for take off.

1. What is the HK7s and why is it such a big deal?

The Hong Kong Sevens is the highlight event on the HSBC World Sevens Series calendar – and for good reason. The 3-day extravaganza draws throngs of merry rugby-heads and festival goers from across the globe. To sports fans, it’s world-class action as the greatest 7s players battle it out on the pitch. To the costumed stands, it’s a city-wide celebration – 72 hours of non-stop excitement. The stadium takes on a life of its own and the energy spills out onto the city streets.

After 30 thrilling years, 2024 marks the final hurrah at the iconic Hong Kong Stadium, before we head to our new home, Kai Tak Sports Park in 2025. Come relive our Greatest Hits on and off the pitch, and give this legendary venue the send-off it deserves.

2. Is the HK7s for me?

Yes! The HK7s is a fantastic event for absolutely everyone. Party animals can head to the South Stand where costumes and revelry are in full swing, while all other stands offer prime views of the pitch with plenty of family friendly entertainment at hand. No knowledge of rugby? No biggie – you can brush up on 7 things to know about the 7s here. Whether you’re an expert or along for the ride, the HK7s promises a good time.

3. Are there any travel restrictions for entering Hong Kong?

Nope - there are currently no travel restrictions in place. Just double-check whether you need a visa before booking those flights, and you're good to go.

4. Where to stay? What to see?

For maximum convenience, opt for hotels or Airbnbs in Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, Central or Sheung Wan. Game to experience more of HK? Ride the iconic Star Ferry across the Harbour, sample some street-stall egg waffles, hike to one of Hong Kong’s hidden waterfalls, get your fortune told on Temple Street and spend a day eating seafood on Lamma Island. Hong Kong is one of the most convenient cities – where nature and rooftop bars are at your doorstep.

5. How to get to the stadium?

Public transport in Hong Kong is excellent so your best bet is to get the MTR (train) to Causeway Bay (Exit F) and join the crowds snaking their way up Caroline Hill road to the stadium. The 10 minute walk is a quintessential build up to the action. Walk side by side with rugby-clad fans, face-painted mini players and crazily costumed revellers, all heading to celebrate their love for the HK7s. Buses and taxis are also available, but the roads around the stadium get busy on game days – and there’s no priority lane!

6. What to wear?

April in Hong Kong is warm, humid and often turns up to the party with one or two surprise showers. Temperatures range between 20-25°C. You can’t go wrong with your favourite team jersey, but for the full Sevens experience, don a costume. Cowboys, Disney characters, celebrity lookalikes and plenty of lycra make regular appearances. If we could give you just one first-class tip, it’d be: comfy, closed-toe shoes.

7. Anything else?

Spend your travel time wisely by tuning in to our Spotify playlists, checking out our list of 10 things to know about the HK7s and of course following us on Instagram and Facebook for fun content, news and more.

This is your captain speaking: your trip to the world’s greatest rugby tournament is about to begin. ✈️