Prohibited Items

Hong Kong Sevens List of Items Banned in the Stadium

Any person who is found to have brought prohibited items will be denied of entry.  Prohibited items include but not limited to-


  1.    Plastic, glass, metal bottles or containers except those with baby food and medication
  2.    Any items simulating the uniform or equipment of the disciplined services, e.g. imitation firearms, handcuffs, chains
  3.    Rugby balls
  4.    General dangerous items, e.g. knives, batons, fireworks, party poppers, explosives, bright light emitting devices or any kind of article, object or substance which could be used as a weapon or which may be harmful to health
  5.    Sticks, clubs, bats, helmets, selfie sticks, etc.
  6.    Any noise instruments e.g. electronic musical instruments, loud hailers or Vuvuzela
  7.    Any remote controlled flying devices or toys, e.g. model helicopters, drones;
  8.    food, beverages, merchandise or publicity items to be sold or distributed without authorisation
  9.    Any items like flags, banners, buntings, posters, flyers, leaflets, and/or other promotional, propaganda and display materials, the contents of which are discriminatory, political, or have any association with racist, xenophobic, charitable or ideological nature or items that could detract from the sporting focus, compromise public safety and security, or restrict the view of other spectators and / or harm the reputation of the Hong Kong Sevens event
  10.    Anything containing intoxicating liquor             Any other thing that may constitute an infringement of the Stadia Regulation of the Hong Kong Stadium.