HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series

Where does Hong Kong sit on the Series calendar?

The November 2022 edition of the Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens has been added as an additional 11th tournament at the beginning of the 2023 World Rugby Sevens Series. Therefore, Hong Kong will have a second event on the 2023 calendar in our usual spot – early April 2023.

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Which teams are coming to the Hong Kong event?

We can confirm all current core World Sevens Series teams are attending, including fan favourites Fiji, New Zealand, and Team GB. Great news, we can also confirm the Hong Kong Men’s Sevens team will be playing in this tournament! There is a lot on the table for participating teams, as the 2023 Series is an Olympic qualification pathway.

Do the teams have to quarantine?

Participating teams have been granted dispensation to bypass quarantine and enter a closed-loop hotel bubble. They will have no contact with the general public similar to what was put in place for the 2021 Winter Olympics. Our operational plans have been vetted and fully sanctioned by World Rugby.

Why is there no women’s event this year?

Team and tournament composition decisions are made by World Rugby, the tournament’s sanctioning body. November is an additional 11th tournament that has been added to the normal men’s 10 tournament HSBC World Sevens Series - with the Women’s Rugby World Cup in New Zealand not finishing until 12 November it wasn’t feasible to add an extra event to the Women’s Series. The April 2023 Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens will feature both men’s and women’s Series teams for the first time ever.

Event Experience

How can overseas fans attend the Sevens if there are still quarantine restrictions in place?

We look forward to welcoming both local and overseas fans in November, however we understand that there will be an impact on the numbers of visitors depending on the quarantine situation in Hong Kong at the time. We are confident that we will see strong local demand to attend, and plenty of passionate support for all the participating teams.

What restrictions will be imposed on the November event?

November’s event will be held in accordance with all prevailing Hong Kong Government rules for LCSD venues at that time - currently that would mean attendees would need to present their Leave Home Safe Vaccine Pass to enter Hong Kong Stadium, would need to keep face masks on when not consuming refreshments, and be seated in groups of 8.

Will spectators be able to eat and drink as normal?

Under the current rules for LCSD venues, spectators will be able to consume beverages, including alcohol, whilst sat in the spectator stands. Due to the nature of the licences held by Hong Kong Stadium catering concession operators, the availability of food is a more complex issue, and we are liaising closely with all parties to find the best solution for this.

Will children be allowed in the Stadium?

Yes, under current Hong Kong Government guidelines there is no restriction on children accessing Hong Kong Stadium, as long as they adhere to the current Leave Home safe vaccine pass requirements.

Will there be children’s rugby at Hong Kong Stadium in the mornings?

No, in order to keep the ‘bubble’ safe, we will be restricting pitch access to those involved in the Series competition; as a result, we will not have the Mini or Youth Showcase games in November, nor the traditional Mini March Past. We will, however, be working with our youth clubs and schools to make sure that they have an opportunity to play a full role in the Sevens week, as they are an extremely important part of our community.

General Ticketing Information

Where do I go to buy tickets?

Tickets will be available from the HKRU Ticketing website from 10am, 29 September 2022

What is the ticket limit per person?

6 tickets per person

Can I buy a ticket at the stadium or from other outlets?

No, tickets are only available for purchase from the HKRU Ticketing website.

I have purchased my tickets through another platform other than HKRU Ticketing, are my tickets valid?

No. We wish to advise all fans that the only authorised seller of the Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens 2022 is HKRU Ticketing platform. Tickets sold through unauthorised platforms will not be accepted.

Are there children’s tickets?

Yes there are a limited amount of children’s tickets, available for those under 12. Children 2 and under do not require a ticket.

What is the price of tickets?

Tickets are priced at HK$1,950 for an adult's weekend pass and HK$950 for a child's weekend pass

Can I purchase a single day ticket?

No, tickets are only available for purchase as a 3 day pass - however, you are able to transfer one of your single day tickets to a friend via the transfer function on the ticketing app if needed

Are tickets refundable?

Tickets are refundable if there is a cancellation or the event has to happen behind closed doors

I Have My Tickets Already

When can I print or collect my ticket?

All tickets will be digital via purchase on the HKRU Ticketing website. Buyers can then follow the instructions and access their tickets via the HKRU Ticketing App.

I bought tickets for friends and family – how do they get in?

The ticketing app makes it easy to send tickets to your friends and family in advance by using the transfer function. We highly recommend transferring each attendee their own ticket in advance, allowing everyone to enter on their own.

I have my child’s ticket and my ticket on my smartphone, can we enter the stadium together?

Yes! More than one digital ticket can be downloaded to one smartphone. You will simply swipe left and right to view both of your tickets as you enter the stadium together.

When will the QR code display on the digital ticket?

The QR code will display on the digital ticket on the morning of the event day. This is to prevent fraud and counterfeiting.

Can I print out the QR code or physical tickets?

No. With QR code digital tickets, all tickets are fully digital and only accessible on the smartphone.

Can I use a screenshot of my ticket?

No. To reduce fraud and counterfeiting, screenshots of digital tickets or QR code will not be valid for entry. A digital ticket must be provided within the ticketing app to gain entry.

Getting Into Hong Kong Stadium

Will I need to show any form of identification when entering the HK Stadium?

No. We will not be checking attendee’s identification when entering the HK stadium. A friendly reminder though every HK resident who is aged 15 or above is required to carry proof of identity.

Can I exit and re-enter the HK Stadium on event day?

Yes. Please scan out your digital ticket at the main gates, and you can scan in using the same ticket to re-gain entry into the HK Stadium. Please note once a digital ticket has been scanned in, the ticket is not transferrable to another guest, i.e., one digital ticket = one guest.

How can I ensure my ticket(s) will scan at the door?

Before entering the venue, please have your tickets ready on the smartphone screen and be sure the brightness of your smartphone display is turned up!

What if I need help with my digital ticket on the event day? Or I have a battery issue with my smartphone?

You can simply stop by the Hong Kong Stadium Box Office on event day and we will assist you.

Health and Safety

What precautions will you have in place to keep teams and fans safe?

The HKRU will work closely with the Hong Kong Government, Hong Kong Stadium, and all our partners and sponsors to ensure as safe an event as possible. Vaccine passes, a closed-loop bubble for the visiting teams, cleaning of HKS and adherence to the prevailing Covid-19 precautions are just some of the ways in which we plan to maximise safety.