The Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens Festival presents the Wolfpack Ninja Championship, a first-of-its-kind Ninja obstacle course designed for juniors.


Children (male & female) aged 6-16 can compete on the ninja obstacle course for the chance to be crowned Wolfpack Ninja Champion.
Please note: minimum height requirement is 1m (3’ 3’’), minimum age is 6 years old.


The obstacle course will be located on the taxi rank, outside Lee Gardens One, 33 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.


Enjoy the fun of the Sevens outside of the stadium, as we’ll be running the Wolfpack Ninja Championship course all weekend, 6-8 April!

Friday April 6th: Qualifiers from 12-6pm
Saturday April 7th: Qualifiers from 10am-6pm
Sunday April 8th: Qualifiers from 10am-3.30pm
Championship Finals: 4-6pm


The Wolfpack Ninjas are taking over Lee Gardens!
The ‘Ninjadoc’, Noah T. Kaufman will be on the mic, and Ian Dory is the man to impress as Head Judge.

They’ll be joined by top Ninja Travis Brewer, Nicholas ‘Modern Tarzan’ Coolridge and the amazing ‘Wonder from Down-Unda’, Olympic gymnast and Australian Ninja Warrior, Olivia Vivian.

Noah T. Kaufman

Instagram noahkaufmanmd

Ian Dory

Instagram iandory

Travis Brewer


Nicholas Coolridge

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Olivia Vivian

Instagram oliviavivian


  1. Every youth athlete must be chaperoned by a parent and/or legal guardian in order to gain entry to the Obstacle Course.
  2. Parents and/or legal guardians must sign the Liability Release Wavier, which will be provided on site during the event or can be downloaded ahead of time here.
    1. There are NO exceptions.
  3. Youth athletes will then be given a colored wristband, denoting completion of the waiver.
    1. Course attempts will be marked on the wristband with a black marker and cannot be altered or tampered with.
    2. Every competitor must keep their wristbands on at all times during the competition.
  4. Each child will be permitted to attempt the course a maximum of three times. However, given through-put and crowd constraints, the event organizer cannot guarantee each child will have ability to race three times.
    1. Children may also be permitted to run the Obstacle Course for fun subject to crowd sizes.
    2. Event organizer reserves the right to shut down Obstacle Course for safety maintenance, weather concerns, or any other reason.
  5. Children will step up to the starting line and hear a loud beep – prompting the athlete to begin.
    1. There will be one minute on the count-down clock for athlete to complete the Obstacle Course.
  6. Wolfpack Ninja Judges will keep a record of the fastest 20 boys’ and girls’ times.
    1. There will be a leaderboard at the Obstacle Course and uploaded to this webpage showing these times – the times will also be updated sporadically on Instagram, and Facebook accounts as available.
  7. Qualifying ends on Sunday April 8th at 3:30pm.


Sunday April 8th, Approx. 4pm

  1. The Top 8 male and Top 8 female athletes will be invited back on Sunday Afternoon (3:30pm) for discussion of rules for the Wolfpack Ninja Championship!
    1. Competitors who make the Top 20 beyond 8th place (ie. Places 9 to 20 will be listed as alternates and will be invited to the Wolfpack Ninja Championship as potential replacements if one of the Top 8 cannot attend the Championship Finals.
  2. The competition format will be head-to-head racing in a double elimination bracket with seeding determined by qualifying times.
  3. The winner is determined:
    1. The competitor that goes the farthest the fastest; or
    2. The competitor that completes the course in less time by hitting the finisher buzzer before their opponent.
  4. The winner will advance to the next race in the “Winner’s Bracket”, and the loser will enter into the “Comeback Bracket” for a second and final chance to continue on.
  5. If a competitor loses in the Comeback Bracket, they are eliminated!
  6. Prizes TBD


  1. A false start is given a second chance by the judges. Competitors only get two chances. If the 2nd chance is a false start, the race is forfeited in both qualifying and the Championship Bracket.
  2. A competitor must hit the buzzer to register a time. Wolfpack is not responsible to register a time if a competitor does not hit the buzzer or if he/she false starts on the course.
  3. No metal truss may be touched or used: only intended obstacle elements.
  4. Head Judge rulings are final and not open for debate or discussion. Head Judges are top professional ninjas!
  5. Any potentially dangerous situations may call for Head Judge or Wolfpack Ninjas’ staff intervention. This may lead to disqualification.
  6. Only 3 tries will be afforded to competitors and tries are NOT guaranteed if the obstacle course is very busy! Try to get there early to guarantee participation!
  7. Each competitor will have a wristband and that wristband can only be obtained after a waiver is signed and filled out completely by an adult parent/legal guardian.
  8. Course attempts will be marked on the wristband with a black marker and cannot be altered or tampered with. Every competitor must keep their wristbands on at all times during the competition.
  9. Rain delay may be a factor and the course must be dry and safe in order for the competition to proceed. In the case of completely inclement weather, the competition may be discontinued at the organizer’s sole discretion. If this is the case, the organizers hope to reschedule the event at another time at their sole discretion.